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Best First-time-home-buyer-loan Lender in Gaithersburg

You are at right place for your First-time-home-buyer-loan requirement. We have the best team and resources to help you in securing your First-time-home-buyer-loan loan in Gaithersburg.

Limits and Eligibility for First-time-home-buyer-loan in Gaithersburg

The limits and eligibility varies as per the loan types. The main requirement for getting a loan is having the required down payment or equity in a particular property to use as collateral for the loan. There are down payment exceptions in some loan types like VA Loan. We are offering smooth processing for First-time-home-buyer-loan lending in Gaithersburg so that you should be worry free from beginning.

Below we have mention some factors which affect the loan eligibility:
• A healthy credit score of 750 and above can directly impact the home loan rates of interest offered to you.
• Your existing debt obligations is another factor. Numerous debts and loans are not a problem. However, unpaid dues are always a concern for lenders. Also, lenders pay special attention to your repayment pattern.
• Based on the city you reside in and work, every lender sets a minimum income criterion. Meet these criteria to get a home loan with ease.
• Alongwith above factors, lenders check for your age and how many years you have as a salaried or working professional.
• The property or home for which you are taking a home loan is also concern to lenders. This is because your property is the security based on which you get the loan. So, if your property is worth more, you may get higher loan and vice versa.